About Coconut Bay Construction

Matt Krupka

Matt Krupka is President of Coconut Bay Construction, Inc., which has been in business for over ten years in Cape Coral, Florida. Matt was a successful custom home builder and restaurateur in Ohio before deciding to move to Cape Coral with his family. He has owned and administered several companies over the course of his 30-year business career and has employed hundreds of people. His true passion is home building and design, which is visible in every home he builds.

Why Choose Coconut Bay Construction?

Probably the biggest thing that separates Coconut Bay Construction from all of the other construction companies in the area is our quality. Our attention to detail throughout the entire project is our biggest strength.

It starts with the planning. Then, at each point of a project, we apply a quality check to give our customers the most professional outcome for their project.

Each of our craftsmen have had numerous years of experience in their field. Additionally, we are well‚Äźknown as the finest trim carpenters and finish detailers in our area.